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help with citation

Unsecured creditors such as banks and credit card companies can make a claim in the sheriff court to recover money you owe. The court order you get is called a citation.

help defending

When sheriff court action is taken against you, you will get court forms which you should be replied to. If this confuses you then we can help you to defend the action.

help to fight back

Instead of letting a creditor or debt collection agent run amok, we can help by teaching you the necessary skills to stand your ground to ensure compliance is maintained.

consumer support

We offer free help, support and guides throughout our websites with a dedicated portal on our consumer forum. Visit AAD Consumer Forum for free impartial help.

formal legal help

If you're looking for formal representation from a Solicitor (with high success rate), who can deal with all aspects of helping you to defend a claim then we can help.

free help & support

If you're looking for impartial help, support or training to help you deal with your creditors then ScotLaw can help. Our guides, resources and legal case studies are free for everyone.

advocate service

We are able to help you to source an advocate should a citation be issued against you. Our appointed advocates are experienced in helping debtors and come with many years experience.

24/7 availability

We're here pretty much around the clock, 24-7 to help you with any aspect of your Scottish Debt issue. Either join our forum, call us or send us a message if something is worrying you.

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Why Scotlaw

Legal Experts

We only work with hands-on, extremely experienced professionals dedicated to helping consumers (and not creditors).

High Success Rate

We don't do losing. We're thorough, concise and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the Consumer Credit Act.


You can talk to us and know we'll listen, offer help and give you tips based on our personal, similar, experiences.


We'll never question you or allow any abuse against you and don't judge the reasons for your current predicament.

Loved & Trusted

We're loved, trusted and recognised as being one of the leaders when it comes to helping Scottish debtors defend a claim.

Consumer Forum

Access to AAD Forum which is free to use and post questions. Additional subscription service is also available.

Debt Solutions

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Consumer Help Portal

AAD is the website owner who maintains and manages the website and offers access to free resources and legal help.

Flex Law

Scottish Solicitor

Flex Law is our Scottish Solicitor and who we pass you onto. They have huge success rates whilst working with AAD.

Jo Connolly

Solicitor Advocate

Joanna Connolly Solicitors is our English Solicitor Advocate who will usually be your primary point of contact.


Web Developer

simpleServe is our website developer, designer and hosting company who keeps us online 24/7 - 365!


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